Hotel room made by IIIIK

The core of IIIIK collection comes from the combination of carefully selected fire retardant materials and functional, experimental design which creates a new exclusive wave for public interiors as curtains, upholstery, wallpaper, throws, carpets & special 3D surfaces for architecture.

IIIIK fire retardant contract collection is specialiced in marine, hotel, restaurant and health care interior fabric solutions.

  • Flame retardant SL 1 / IMO FTPC Part 9

  • made of 100% moulesine- free wool, 100% Trevira CS or 100% Polyester FR

  • special colours and sizes available



  • Fireproof curtain fabrics for indoor use

  • Flame retardant: SL 1 / IMO FTPC Part 7



  • Fireproof upholstery fabrics for indoor use

  • Flame retardant: SL 1 / IMO FTPC Part 8 or Part 7

  • 80000-100000 Martindale

  • water repellant and antibacterial options


  • materials wool, paper and metaL

  • suits well for public spaces as wall to wall carpets or as special size carpets with borders

  • the backing of carpet is odourless and does not stain the floor and it suits also with floor heating. The backing does not generate dust or crumble.The backing is easy to recycle.


  • Fireproof 3D surfaces for indoor use

  • Flame retardant: SL 1 / IMO FTPC Part 7

  • interactive wall art


  • IIIIK INTO Oy has develop a service package that enables project-specific special solutions made of fireproof materials

All IIIIK products are designed and made in Europe: in Finland, Italy, Spain, France and U.K. their products have a Design from Finland label. All  companies that manufacture  IIIIK products are chosen carefully and IIIIK INTO Oy expects all cooperating parties to have high ethical values, comply with the law and have a good reputation especially in contract business. IIIIK INTO Oy follows and controls the entire production chain starting from the source of the raw material.


​The technical properties of the materials vary. Always check the IIIIK website for each product to see if the quality of the product you choose is suitable for your purpose.

Check out  IIIIK collection: iiiikinto.com or Architonic.com