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Sveagården 1110

SVEALIN Timeless and stylish linen wallpapers for private interiors.

  • Long lasting patterns and neutral colors are suitable for many interiors.

  • Simple patterns are easy to combine with plain colors.

  • Because linen yarn is a natural material, small differences in shade may occur between different production batches.

  • The surface layer of the wallpaper is waterproof,  it can be wiped, it protects the yarn and the paper underneath so that all stains can be wiped off before they are absorbed into the material.

  • However, the wallpaper is sensitive material when installed, so you should always avoid pulling the wallpaper wet. We recommend that you read the hanging instructions carefully before starting work. Hanging instructions

  • Wallpaper width 78 cm.

  • Design and manufacture in Kinna, Sweden.

The properties of the wallcoverings vary. Always check Svealin website or product info to see if the quality of the chosen wallpaper is suitable for your purpose.

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