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TVILLI HANDTUFTED RUGS for contract and private interiors

  • Materials 100% New Zealand wool, TENCEL® and linen.

  • Flame retardant: Cfl-s1



100%The New Zealand wool, available in 140 colors including six undyed natural shades of sheep wool. The quality is suitable for home and some public interiors.


100% Tencel has 70 color options. The quality is suitable for home interiors and combined with wool, also for public spaces. The special TENCEL® yarn used in Tencel carpets is made from sustainably sourced natural raw materials using environmentally friendly processes. The fibers of TENCEL® yarn are long, so less lint comes off the carpets than from other natural fibers. The carpets have a special dirt-repellent treatment that makes the carpets more durable and easy to care for. The fibers are compostable and biodegradable and can thus be completely returned to nature.

WOOL CONTRACT                     

100% Wool Contract  quality has a durable tight yarn. The quality is well suited for public spaces.

WOOL-LINEN gives a more lively and slightly rough surface.


The maximum size of the rug is 5m x 13m.


The shape is free: round, parallel, polygonal or rectangular. Your own patterns are also possible.


The rugs have a hidden edge border at the back of the rug. The rugs are finished with non-slip treatment, also can be ordered without treatment.

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